Is Information Technology An Innovation Black Hole?

 Images credit: NASA

We always rejoice about computers (including today’s smart phones) doubling their powers and lowering their prices exponentially. It’s not only this; there’re also the following advancements in applications, platforms, operating systems, sensors and the expanded usage in every aspect of life. Other fields are expanding and developing too, but not as the speed of computing and IT. It seems like we have a trouble where to put processors in our lives..Why we don’t see the same thing happening in other fields like transportation, manufacturing and health care? I don’t mean adding info or control screens to them, but improving their technology to the core. What makes talents easily hunted by it? and how innovation may expand to other areas?.Computers easily attract children and students while other areas are left hungry, Since their childhood, brilliant people like everyone else; get attached to computers, it’s where they see the magic happens.When they first put their hands on it, young talents see the results immediately, and easily convinced that this is their passion. That immediate feedback of one’s work on computer software isn’t just made it attractable more than other fields, it even one of the contributors for its fast advancements. The developer writes code then compile/build the code to get the feedback, faster than if they were designing a mechanical device for example. This short and fast iterations enable engineers to detect any defect and fix not only the product and the overall architecture; but even the process to make the product, which led to a continuous improvements and theories about software architecture and development lifecycle. This in turn; refreshes the industry, and new generations always find something different in their time to get impressed by..The difficulties in experimenting and fast improvement iterations in other industries is taking away talents from them. However, it looks like our impression of computers and information technology will slowly be the key to change other industries, and whenever computers get more powers and less prices, part of every other industry is getting stronger and more affordable.

The difficulties in experimenting and fast improvement iterations in other industries is taking away talents from them.

.If computers and processors became so adequate in our lives, they will leave a room for other fields. Today’s children touching screens with their little fingers, will grow up rigorously hard to impress, add to that the floating of information in all fields on their grasp (thanks to the preceding IT advancements) they will find it more trivial to change any field they work at, and the notion of one person=one specialization will gone vague over time..It looks like information technology (and computing generally) will pay it forward to other fields. We like to imagine technologies beyond computer chips and screens. We fantasy machines that think about their functions (not only showing us fancy UI motions) new fast transportation systems, unthinked of ways of treating deceases, and more human beings up in space and other planets. Among the enablers of these kinds of innovations is the huge brain of computing and IT which we are focusing on now.



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