The Blogging Venture

Why Blogging?

Before talking about Enterprise 2.0, it’s obvious to be a Web 2.0 personnel, because Enterprise 2.0 is a small version of Web 2.0 in an enterprise. Web 2.0 is the new ways of communicating through the web and among them is blogging. It is one of the oldest characteristics of Web2.0 and it still strong and widely used, because it’s an independent agent about you, especially if you have your own server hosting, you rule it, customize it and nothing limits what you’re writing. In this post I’ll discuss some blogging motivations and how to set yourself a personal brand.

Motivations & Purpose

As a start consider blogging as talking to your self and being clear with it. By explaining what you will do or what problem do you have to others, you first explain it to yourself, and this will help you a lot to perform better, and that’s an intelligence. Many bloggers found some of their main motives after they started.  The readers and their impressions and comments have a special fancy. Also it’s an archive to your thoughts and ideas even for your self. Some people express their ideas as a reference and before doing anything to implement them, also to hear about it from others to improve it. As a result it will be an ongoing resume that has you latest thoughts and projects. As much you give it as much it gives you.


Here are some hints that will help you to succeed on your blogging endeavour:

You enjoy it first: To reach the targeted audience means to convince them to leave all the interesting things in the web (or life!) and read your blog, so you have to be interesting and the most important way to do it is to write about something you’re passionate about, and surely you’ll enjoy talking about it in the real life.

Defining your figure: Speculate your real personality to be able to build your brand or personality on the web. Your tone, colors posts style..etc have to be somehow connected and revealing a confident personality. This also involves removing who you don’t want to be, as this illustration shows:

Marketing your skills: If you want market some of your skills for potential customers or employers, put some of them for free! give some of your experience or work for the people to look at it, it’s ether they will be impressed and hire you or you will get a useful feedback.

Measuring your success: There are many ways to measure your success, watch the statistics, comments, trackbacks and whatever can help you keeping an eye on how people looking at you.


It is a way to express yourself  in a context you chose for an objective. I hope this you binifitted from this post, and if you have any comments, additions, suggestions to leave it in the comments area.

Useful references:

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